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Difficult Student

Do YOU have difficult students like this?

Dealing with Difficult Student Behavior: Is the solution policies, parenting or perhaps something else?

The Know-it-all. The Worrier. The Heckler. The Rambler. The Cheater. Is one rotten apple going to spoil your whole program?  How can educators differentiate between difficult students and difficult behaviors? How should they deal with immediate classroom problems, and what can be done to avoid trouble before it begins? What RescueDigest suggests is to keep in mine (however difficult it may be at the time) that there are no difficult students; there are only difficult behaviors. Manage to keep your cool and deal with the behavior, not the personality or the emotion and you can often turn a frustrating student into a top-notch performer. It isn’t always easy, but we’ve got some suggestions for you.

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              Sometimes you'd trade your
microphone and laser-pointer for a chair and a whip!

Dealing with Difficult Student Behaviors? Don’t loose your cool!

Whether you’re an administrator, program coordinator, training officer an individual educator managing, difficult student behavior can be unpleasant at best and extremely difficult at worst. It doesn’t matter if students are in your classroom for only an hour, for weeks to months or (cue ominous background music) YOUR PEERS, what seems to be the easiest course of action, ignoring the behavior, is actually the worst thing that you can do. While each behavior will need to be dealt with in a slightly different manner, depending on the context in which you are working, here are our Top Resources to help you identify and manage difficult behavior on-line or in-person and out your student(s) back on track for success!




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