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Prehospital Intubation: To ET or Not ET, that is the question.

Do field-placed ET tubes improve patient outcomes? Should all cardiac arrest patients arrive at the hospital intubated? Exactly what airways qualify as BLS now? Should your airway choices change if the problem is medical illness or traumatic injury? How much training should a paramedic get in intubation? What should recertification requirements be?


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Laryngoscope and tube

Depending on your point of view, these can be TOOLS or WEAPONS.


Airway Literature: Comprehensive Literature Reviews & Reactions

Revisiting the value of pre-hospital tracheal intubation: An all time systematic literature review

A Critical Reassessment of Ambulance Service Airway Management in Pre-Hospital Care:

College of Paramedics (British Paramedic Association) updated position paper following JRCALC recommendations on paramedic intubation

Out-of-Hospital Endotracheal Intubation: Where Are We?


Intubation in Cardiac Arrest Patients: ET vs CPR?

Prehospital intubation in cardiac arrest: The debate continues

EMS World: Current Events in Cardiac Arrest: Airway Management


Improving Intubation Outcomes: First Pass Success!

JEMS: Experts Debate Paramedic Intubation

EMS1: Intubation: How to do more GOOD than HARM


Apneic Oxygenation: Oxygenation without Ventilation 


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