Web Site Size Up

Web Site Size Up is an ongoing series of RescueDigest’s Top Picks for must read emergency services’ websites and resources.

Web Site Size Up: EMS 12 Lead

12 Lead

Don’t let the EMS in the title fool you, Paramedic and ECG aficionado Tom Bouthillet (pronounced Bouthillet) is also a fire Captain somewhere in the great Southeastern United States (I’ll let HIM tell you where).

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Web Site Size Up: Fire Critic and Iron Firemen


Lt. Rhett Fleitz and Capt. Willie Wines Jr. run the Fire Critic and Wooden Ladders / Iron Fireman blogs respectively (and, as it turns out, respectfully as well). As you can probably already tell, these websites deal primarily with the fire service. Still, their themes of pride, honor, duty, dedication, and community are applicable to every branch of emergency services.

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Web Site Size Up: Statter911


A former firefighter and EMT Dave Statter provides the latest emergency service news and commentary. His expertise as a TV and radio reporter in the Washington DC area bring particular insight to the (often raw) video clips that are the hallmark of his site.

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