RescueDigest Resources: Powerful Presentations Inspiring Audiences

RescueDigest’s Top Picks of essential resources for critical topics in emergency services.

RescueDigest Resources: Powerful Presentations Inspiring Audiences
When educators develop and present programs, we don’t do it to display our PowerPoint skills or to show off the speaking tips we’ve gleaned from the latest TED talk. True educators build and deliver programs to inspire and enable their audiences to help move emergency services forward. So where do so many go wrong? These resources aren’t about PowerPoint tips and tricks (although some are included). Rather, they assist effective communications and message delivery techniques, tools for successful student / attendee engagement, and presentation of a compelling “call to action” designed to motivate attendees to effect positive change in the way that we work for, care for and protect our communities.


Powerful Presentations at work

How you can use these resources: RescueDigest curates great research and resources during the development of our articles and educational programs. Since our mission is to “Help You Help Others” we present the best of these resources for you to explore, share and use in your own agency.

Presentation Programs

Presentation Books & Resources

Presentation Masters

Presentation Development

Presentation Story Drafting

Presentation Design

Presentation Delivery

The New England Center for Rescue and Emergency Medicine Presentation:

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