What is RescueDigest?

Emergency Services is a tough job. Whether you’re a Firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, or you work in law enforcement, communications or emergency management, Rescue Digest is here to help.

The mission of RescueDigest is to advance leadership, education and career development for emergency service personnel by sharing ideas and best practices from across all branches of emergency services and beyond.

Emergency services is about solving problems. RescueDigest takes a look at what’s going on across the different branches of emergency services and speaks with industry leaders from across the country and around the world to bring you ideas that you can use to help solve problems in your community.

RescueDigest is an emergency services website produced by Rommie Duckworth and the New England Center for Rescue and Emergency Medicine, llc. (NECREM)

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We’re here to help you help others.