RescueDigest Announces Collaboration with Police News TV

Police News TV

RescueDigest is proud to announce our collaboration with PoliceNewsTV


Rescue Digest is proud to announce it’s collaboration with Police News TV, the the national law enforcement video news show “by Cops, about Cops, for Cops”.  A daily HD video and audio news show, Police News TV reports news about law enforcement from around the country that you can watch or listen to any time, any place, on duty or off.

Rescue Digest, in it’s ongoing pursuit of informing, educating, and entertaining emergency services personnel will be sharing content and information with Police News TV.  Keep an eye (or ear) out for interviews with Police News TV’s founder and on air personalities, as well as links to their show.  Our first Rescue Digest/ Police TV News collaboration topic:   “Fire/Rescue/EMS Teamwork at Crime Scenes”.

We all understand that teamwork is an essential part of  emergency services. Working with your own team, as well as collaborating with the other services responding in your area greatly improves every aspect of our jobs.  With that in mind, Rescue Digest and Police News TV are putting their work where their words are and joining up to prove that two services can indeed be  better than one!

The brainchild of police officer Scott Tydeman, Police News TV features co-anchor law enforcement officers Paul Balmer  and Jill Adrian. Police News TV covers the good, the bad, the ugly, and the amusing (including a very popular “dumb criminal of the week” segment”) in U.S. law enforcement.

Police News TV’s facebook page includes online polling for pertinent questions affecting police departments and police officers as well as video clips of archived shows and photographs. In addition to  facebook, you can follow Police News TV on twitter, watch their videos on YouTube, Vimeo,   ustream, or contact them at


As always, tune in to Rescue Digest for Interviews, News, and Tips and Tricks you can use in emergency services.

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