Anniversary Time


Anniversary Time

May is a month of Anniversaries for me; the Anniversary of my birth (I’m 41), the Anniversary of my service at the Fire Department (12 years), the Anniversary of my Paramedic License, (16 years), and most importantly, the Anniversary of my marriage (now almost five wonderful years).

I think that Anniversaries are a fantastic opportunity. When I look back at my personal life  and my career in emergency services I like to take this time ask myself what I want to keep doing and what I want to change.

Do I even own a Calendar?

Although most people might choose the beginning of the year to do this I just can’t get into New Year’s resolutions. I’m exhausted from the holidays and it’s too damn cold! But the month of May, with signs of warmth and re-birth everywhere, is a great time to start changes. I look at some things and think, “That’s great! I want to keep going with more of the same” (my marriage) and others, I think “There are only so many hours in a week, I think that I’m going to have to alter where I spend them!” (for me, moving from road time to teaching time).

So I’m taking a moment this month to enjoy the flowers, to look back and be thankful for where I’ve been, and to make some changes to where I’m going so that next year, in that first week of May, I can be thankful for that much more. If this is something that you choose to do too, then good luck and enjoy the weather!


It also helps if you can keep all of your anniversaries in the same month so you can buy a bunch of cards and be ready to reciprocate when someone who is your spouse shoves a present at you.


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Rom Duckworth is a dedicated emergency responder and award-winning educator with more than twenty five years of experience working in career and volunteer fire departments, public and private emergency services and hospital based healthcare systems. Currently a career Fire Captain / Paramedic and EMS Coordinator Rom is a frequent speaker at national conferences and a regular contributor to research, magazines, and textbooks on topics of field operations, leadership, and education in emergency services. Contact Rom via