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4+20+10 Things Your Department Social Media Policy Must Address

Social Media in Fire and EMS

The biggest problem… With today’s social media use policies are the gigantic swaths of “gray area” that shroud some issues. Not only do statutes and regulations vary tremendously from state to state and workplace to workplace, but as social media case law develops it can be difficult to determine how key phrases such as “free speech”, “privacy protection”, and “on-the-job” ...

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RescueDigest Resources: Spinal Stabilization

Christopher Miller Spinal Immobilization

RescueDigest’s Top Picks of essential resources for critical topics in emergency services. What have we been doing all these years? Spinal injuries cause an estimated 6,000 deaths and 5,000 new cases of quadriplegia each year. It’s no wonder that EMS providers have been taught, “Better to board them all than miss a single injury.” But universal spinal immobilization has its ...

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RescueDigest Resources: Patient Care Hand-Off

ED Nurse

A critical safety and quality problem in the United States, patient care hand-off has been described as “The Bermuda Triangle of Healthcare”. Miscommunication is so common that it’s been found that ED staff members remember less than half of the information that EMS relays during verbal reports.

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RescueDigest Resources: Extrication Resources

Working Together Extrication

The same vehicle systems that are designed to better protect occupants present an ever-growing challenge to rescuers. Today’s vehicle extrication demands a unique collaboration across different specialties in emergency services. Task-focused individuals working within their discipline must understand and synchronize with other specialists under a coordinating command structure.

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RescueDigest Resources: Critical Thinking in Emergency Services Education


RescueDigest’s Top Picks of essential resources for critical topics in emergency services.   Critical Thinking in Emergency Services Education: Teaching not just “how”, but “why”! An emergency responder who is an independent thinking is a valuable commodity.  It’s clear that critical thinking must be part of an education program in order to teach students to become intelligent, compassionate and skillful emergency responders. But ...

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