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A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast Episode 17: The Top 5 Challenges Facing Us In 2013

Fire Medic Perspective II

EMS Roundtable A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast: Top 5 Challenges – A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast is RescueDigests’ weekly podcast featuring Rom Duckworth covering everything emergency services, from clinical topics, to leadership issues to why the rookie has to pay for lunch, all from a Fire Medic Perspective. . [powerpress] . Rom Duckworth sits down with Fire / EMS Educator and IAFF ...

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Academic Education and Technology

Teachers Love Technology

While we speak of education at RescueDigest most times we’re talking about training and education in leadership or operational issues. Floating somewhere in on and around those issues though is the purely academic aspect of education.

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RescueDigest On The Road – Conferences & Gatherings 2013 (So Far)

  RescueDigest is dedicated to finding and sharing Best Practices across all branches of Emergency Services. Our staff travels all over North America delivering Operational, Educational and Clinical Programs and Keynote Presentations for Police, Fire, EMS, Rescue personnel. If you’re going to be at a conference where we’re presenting, hit us up and say hello. There’s nothing better than getting ...

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Conference Opportunities: Ohio, Canada, Nevada, West Virginia, Oregon


Conference Opportunities   Ohio Fire and EMS Expo DATES: September 26-27th, 2013 LOCATION: Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH The 2013 Ohio Fire and Ems Expo will be held on September 26 and September 27. The conference and expo is Ohio’s premier event for fire and ems and healthcare professionals. We have over 70 exhibitors with everything from light towers ...

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Web Site Size Up: EMS 12 Lead

12 Lead

Don’t let the EMS in the title fool you, Paramedic and ECG aficionado Tom Bouthillet (pronounced Bouthillet) is also a fire Captain somewhere in the great Southeastern United States (I’ll let HIM tell you where).

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