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Prepping for Change in 2015 and Beyond: Teaching Old Dogs New CPR

Charge for Change

Having had the opportunity to attend the last AHA Guidelines roll-out in Chicago in October of 2010 I wound up reading everything I could on the guidelines in the research behind them so that when I showed up to represent my state I didn’t look like some kind of dope. It was an easy digging through all those papers, but when I was finished I noticed something profound in both the recommendations and the research (though not the ACLS algorithms or courses, but that is another topic). I saw how and why we were going to have to make a CHANGE.

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A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast Episode 3: CPR, Are we doing as well as we think?

A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast

  EMS Roundtable A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast: Are First Responders the Front Line of Emergency Management? –   – A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast is RescueDigests’ weekly podcast featuring Rom Duckworth covering everything emergency services, from clinical topics, to leadership issues to why the rookie has to pay for lunch, all from a Fire Medic Perspective. . [powerpress] . In ...

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RescueDigest Resources: Identifying and Treating ACS & STEMI


RescueDigest’s Top Picks of essential resources for critical topics in emergency services. Identifying and Treating ACS and STEMI: ALS and BLS Every responder knows that when it comes to cardiac care, time is muscle, but do you know how to rapidly identify acute coronary syndromes and STEMI? You say you’re not in EMS? What about for the responders that you work ...

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Wearing Stress Like a Badge of Honor

Stress: There’s no doubt that to work in any branch of emergency services, you have to have a passion for it. For those of us who volunteer, we do it like it’s our job. For those of us for whom it’s our job, we get paid as if we’re volunteering.

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The Five Rules Of Firefighting That Can Improve Your Life

Rules of the fireground can help you back at the firehouse and at home (even if you’re not a firefighter).   These five rules are short and simple, on the verge of obvious but they’re crucial to the survival of every working firefighter. They aren’t meant to be read out of a handbook while in the heat of combat, but ...

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Fire Code for First Responders

Fire Code for 1st Responders   The fire of today is not your grandmother’s fire. Furnishings today contain so much foam and other plastics that the BTU release is much greater than a fire 30-50 years ago. In addition, what hazards do newer construction products and methods present for all first responders arriving at a burning or damaged building?

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Conference Scholarships & Savings Opportunities for Emergency Services

Goal:  To find Conference Scholarships & Savings Opportunities for Emergency Services   Emergency Services Conferences are a great place to network, attend educational lectures and workshops, and see what new products are available on the market.  They’re a fun place to gather with people in your field, and serve as a mini vacation from the day-to-day.  The conference fees, travel and lodging ...

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Get Fit to Save Lives

  Emergency Services Fitness: Get Fit to Save Lives   Goal:  To ensure your safety and ability to perform your job in emergency services: a physically taxing profession.   Although we’re in the profession of protecting and helping the public, we too often neglect ourselves and our bodies. In order to provide the services we’re sworn to provide to the ...

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The Easiest Way to be a Life Saver

The Easiest Way to be a Life Saver Goal: To recognize the opportunities that arise in emergency services to provide true care for others, especially when it seems like a waste of your training and expertise to do so. “You often help your patients the most when you think you’re doing the least.”  This advice was given to me as ...

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