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RescueDigest Resources: Student-Centered Education

romduck classroom

It's important to remember that the digital resources below will not, by themselves, transform your classroom or your educational experience. However, used properly with student-centered education theory, these resources will help you enhance understanding, increase retention and improve performance for your students.

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RescueDigest Resources: Building Blocks of Brotherhood

Flag Half Staff

RescueDigest’s Top Picks of essential resources for critical topics in emergency services.   The Building Blocks of Brotherhood: Putting the pieces in place. A culture of brotherhood doesn’t happen by itself. Like anything else worthwhile it is built with the right tools from the right building materials through hard work. The work, of course, has to be yours, but rescue digest ...

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RescueDigest Resources: Identifying and Treating ACS & STEMI


RescueDigest’s Top Picks of essential resources for critical topics in emergency services. Identifying and Treating ACS and STEMI: ALS and BLS Every responder knows that when it comes to cardiac care, time is muscle, but do you know how to rapidly identify acute coronary syndromes and STEMI? You say you’re not in EMS? What about for the responders that you work ...

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RescueDigest GOTW: Brotherhood


We selected some of the best resources on explaining and promoting brotherhood from the fire service and law enforcement. While we have them divided up into sections below, we don’t want you to think that means the firefighters should go to their section and the cops should go to theirs.

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Brotherhood extends beyond boundaries of age, sex, pay, service and locality. You can meet brothers in emergency services from anywhere in the world, male and female, paid and volunteer, union and non-union. In fact, this brotherhood extends to pretty much anyone who wants to join, provided they understand what brotherhood means and are willing to give of themselves before asking to take.

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A New RescueDigest


2012 was unique in many ways, but like every year since I became a member of this community what I saw and heard this past year made me proud to count myself among the brotherhood of emergency responders.

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Sandy Hook, Newtown Connecticut Shooting


As you may know, Rescue Digest is located in Western Connecticut, just a few minutes away from the town of Newtown. While Rescue Digest consists of only two regular staff, many of our contributors are emergency responders who live or work in and around Sandy Hook, one literally next door to where the incident took place.

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RescueDigest Podcast Episode 6: Working with Law Enforcement

Podcast Microphone

   Audio Podcast Episode 6 The RescueDigest Audio Podcast brings you news, interviews and tips you can use to make your life in emergency services a little easier and help you in your job protecting the members of your community.   [powerpress] In this episode, tips on how Fire, Rescue and EMS can work with Law Enforcement at combined response ...

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RescueDigest GOTW: Write Your Resume

Resume Writing

By focusing on a particular goal each week and providing some resources to get you started, RescueDigest is here to help make your world a little but easier and to help you help others. Let’s try WRITING (or re-writing) YOUR RESUME and / or CURRICULUM VITAE!

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