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RescueDigest Resources: Difficult Student Behavior

RescueDigest’s Top Picks of essential resources for critical topics in emergency services. Do YOU have difficult students like this? Dealing with Difficult Student Behavior: Is the solution policies, parenting or perhaps something else? The Know-it-all. The Worrier. The Heckler. The Rambler. The Cheater. Is one rotten apple going to spoil your whole program?  How can educators differentiate between difficult students and difficult ...

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RescueDigest Audio Podcast Episode 5: Tips on Student Questions

Podcast Microphone

   Audio Podcast Episode 5 The RescueDigest Audio Podcast brings you news, interviews and tips you can use to make your life in emergency services a little easier and help you in your job protecting the members of your community.   [powerpress] In this episode, tips on how to get students to ask questions.   For News, Interviews and Tips You ...

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Life Safety Educators – Should They Be Integral to Community Safety?

Five Questions (and YOUR Answers) for anyone interested in Life Safety Education   1)    For readers involved in community’s emergency/disaster planning, do you include individuals providing Life Safety Education in the planning phases? Why, or why not? 2)    Who provides Life Safety Education in your community? 3)    Do you provide details to your Life Safety Educators so that they can ...

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EMS Web Summit: A National Conference Just For You

All of the Conference, None of the Travel! The EMS Web Summit Education Conference  is the premier live online educational event for EMS professionals. This May 17th, 2012  join up to 3000 of your EMS peers as they take part in this one of a kind event, hear from expert EMS educators and personalities. Get unique insights, tips, tricks and ...

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Embracing Who We Are As Firefighters

Firefighters Problem:  Embracing the age old joke, embracing who we are as firefighters, and maybe embracing the damn cat, too.   Back in November I remember slugging into a couch to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade with my son. My favorite three year old was fascinated and loved watching the balloons and floats come down the road.  (Mostly because he ...

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Career / Family Dynamic: Separate Lives?

Career and Family Life, Inextricably Linked. The Toughest Family Questions GOAL: Improve Emergency Responders’ health, safety and performance on the job.  We often talk about our separate lives. We call it Career and Family, but in emergency services, like the military, there is a very special dynamic between the two. By the nature of what we do, people in our Career ...

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