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Leadership Lessons: Are Your Leaders Acting like Parents or Substitute Teachers?

Fire department leadership lessons

The chief emphasized that he didn't mean that all of his people were acting like children, although the look in his eye implied that maybe some were. I wasn't suggesting anything about the maturity of his people, but rather that parents don't stop being parents when their children grow up. In fact, this is exactly what I meant by helping agency leaders acting like parents rather than substitute teachers.

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4+20+10 Things Your Department Social Media Policy Must Address

Social Media in Fire and EMS

The biggest problem… With today’s social media use policies are the gigantic swaths of “gray area” that shroud some issues. Not only do statutes and regulations vary tremendously from state to state and workplace to workplace, but as social media case law develops it can be difficult to determine how key phrases such as “free speech”, “privacy protection”, and “on-the-job” ...

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Are your goals as SMART as you think they are?


You’re smart. Make sure your goals are too! Do you make effective goal setting a habit or a luxury? On an emergency call, in station, or in your personal life have you set goals for yourself or others that seemed so clear when you set out, but somehow fell apart when you actually started work? Setting and accomplishing goals is ...

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