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Hey Educator, You’ve Changed!

So if you’re new educator, don’t try and steamroll over the senior people because they don’t already know all about student centered social mobile online whatchamacallit. And for senior educators and staff in police, fire, and EMS, please continue to bring your knowledge and experience into the classroom, even if you have to stretch a little to do it in new and unfamiliar ways.

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A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast Episode 11: Emergency vehicle operations and the role of simulation in fire and EMS apparatus driver education

Fire Engine Cab Driver

EMS Roundtable A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast: Breaking Patients to Save Vehicles! – A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast is RescueDigests’ weekly podcast featuring Rom Duckworth covering everything emergency services, from clinical topics, to leadership issues to why the rookie has to pay for lunch, all from a Fire Medic Perspective. . [powerpress] . Join Rom Duckworth and former firefighter, FDNY Paramedic and ...

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