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What’s the difference between anaphylactic and anaphylactoid and why should I care? Can a patient have a life-threatening reaction on a first exposure? What are the most important ALS medications for anaphylaxis after epinephrine? How bad is it to give epinephrine for a panic attack? What the heck is Kounis syndrome? Why didn’t they teach me this in class? The past 10 years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of cases of anaphylaxis across the United States. In response, the American College of Emergency Physicians and the World Allergy Organization have issued important updates on initial emergency treatment for patients suffering from anaphylaxis. While epinephrine remains the front-line drug for all levels of care, recent studies show that in-hospital and pre-hospital providers alike aren’t giving it as often or as early as they should. This interactive case-study and pub-quiz style presentation answers these questions and many more with a focus on rapid differential of anaphylaxis and effective initial and secondary treatments to manage these immediately life-threatening emergencies.

How you can use these resources: RescueDigest curates great research and resources during the development of our articles and educational programs. Since our mission is to “Help You Help Others” we present the best of these resources for you to explore, share and use in your own agency. these resources for social media and mobile technology use by emergency services are no means comprehensive. we’re providing them here for you as a jumping off point. If you’d like more information about individual services you can contact the agencies or vendors directly.

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Anaphylaxis treatment: An evidence-based guideline for EMS
Anaphylaxis: Emergency treatment
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