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“We used to do WHAT?!?"

Much of what we’ve been taught in trauma care from the “ABC’s”, to “raising patients legs”, to “giving oxygen can’t hurt” we now know to be wrong. As providers we’re left with the questions “Why?”, “When did this happen?”, and “What should we do now?” Answering these questions and more these resources bust major trauma myths, look forward to coming trauma innovations, and explain the all-important “Trauma Triad of Death!”

How you can use these resources: RescueDigest curates great research and resources during the development of our articles and educational programs. Since our mission is to “Help You Help Others” we present the best of these resources for you to explore, share and use in your own agency. these resources for social media and mobile technology use by emergency services are no means comprehensive. we’re providing them here for you as a jumping-off point. If you’d like more information about individual services you can contact the agencies or vendors directly.

Can Giving O2 Actually Hurt Patients?

Bleeding Control: Hemostatic Gauze, Tourniquet, Pressure Bandage, REBOA Use in EMS

Pre-Hospital Blood / TXA Administration

Passive Leg Raise: Helpful or Hard to Breathe?

Trauma Triad of Death

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