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Resuscitation HeadlinesAre the Headlines the whole story? We have to read more to find out!
Top Ten Resuscitation Headlines : It’s no wonder that some services have more effective resuscitation programs than other similarly staffed, comparably funded organizations? We all read the “Headlines” of cardiac resuscitation. “Use the right medications.”, “Medications don’t matter.”, “Airway first!”, Don’t worry about the airway!” It can be confusing for any EMS provider to sort out exactly what they’re supposed to do. Comparing the current science with real-world field evaluations of resuscitation topics, this program takes a look a the top ten headlines in cardiac arrest and reads beyond them to sort out the fact from the fiction, making simple, easy to implement recommendations for improving resuscitation in your community.

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Top 10 Resuscitation Headlines: And why you have to read past them for the real story.

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