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Patient Care Hand-Off: “The Bermuda Triangle of Healthcare!”

A critical safety and quality problem in the United States, patient care hand-off has been described as “The Bermuda Triangle of Healthcare”. Miscommunication is so common that it’s been found that ED staff members remember less than half of the information that EMS relays during verbal reports. Occurring many thousands of times a day and each and every patient hand-off is an opportunity for either failure or success. Using the right techniques, healthcare providers can do more than just avoid an “uh-oh” moment, we can speed the delivery of critical patient care to our patients who need it most.

Patient Care Hand-Off Impact and Overview for Healthcare

Patient Care Hand-Off Failures In The Public Eye

Joint Commission Patient Care Hand-Off Resources

Other Resources for Improving Patient Care Hand-Offs at Every Level

New England Center for Rescue & Emergency Medicine’s Own Programs:

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