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Extrication Resources

The same vehicle systems that are designed to better protect occupants present an ever-growing challenge to rescuers. Today’s vehicle extrication demands a unique collaboration across different specialties in emergency services. Task-focused individuals working within their discipline must understand and synchronize with other specialists under a coordinating command structure. While this does not mean that every firefighter must be a paramedic to perform extrication, it does mean that it is crucial for non-EMS specialist firefighters, rescue technicians and fire officers to understand how to rapidly assess the condition, life-threats and needs of their patients (or communicate with those who do) in order to coordinate an efficient and effective automotive extrication.


Working Together Extrication
Working together is how we go from "Good Enough" to "Best"!

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With the rapid evolution of extrication tools and techniques necessary to keep up with the automotive industry, today’s vehicle extrication education is becoming more and more task-focused, often at the expense of the scene management and patient assessment practices that are crucial to selection of the best tools, tricks and techniques. What is needed is a focus on the multidisciplinary coordination that is essential for any effective vehicle rescue operation. These resources will provide you with not only the latest extrication techniques, but the big picture and best practices of an efficient, coordinated and collaborative rescue effort to keep you and your crew at the top of your game.

Extrication Fundamentals


Extrication Basics: Vehicle Stabilization – Firehouse

TECHNIQUES | Boron Extrication

Extrication: Back to Basics Part 1 –

Drill: Vehicle Extrication Basics – Fire Engineering


Damage Control Extrication

Damage Control Extrication for the Fire Service

Damage Control Extrication for EMS


EMS Care During Extrication

Patient Care During Extrication – Fire Engineering

Auto Extrication – Videos – JEMS Connect – EMS Emergency Medical Services

Extrication. Who Is In Charge of Patient Care? – My Firefighter Nation


Hybrid Vehicle Extrication

Hybrid Vehicle Resource Images

Electric and hybrid vehicle response safety: Myths and facts

Simple Steps for Handling Hybrid Vehicles | Firefighter Nation

Who We AreMGS Tech


School Bus and Heavy Vehicle Extrication

Advanced School Bus Extrication – Fire Engineering

School Bus | Boron Extrication

Basic, Advanced, or Heavy Vehicle Extrication? – Fire Engineering

Heavy Vehicle Extrication | Boron Extrication

Big Truck Extrication – Part 1: Anatamy 101 –


Additional Extrication Resources

The List of Extrication Apps | Boron Extrication

Extrication: Vehicle Extrication Tools, Tactics and Extrication Training -Fire

Create Your Own In-House: Vehicle Extrication Training – Firehouse

Articles, Extrication Training, Classes, Tactical Tips

Advanced Extrication Techniques – Fire Engineering

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