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EMS 12 LeadSummary: Don’t let the EMS in the title fool you, Paramedic and ECG aficionado Tom Bouthillet (pronounced Bouthillet) is also a fire Captain somewhere in the great Southeastern United States (I’ll let HIM tell you where). If his name rings a bell it may be that you’ve seen him at national conferences or that you know him as the host of the Code STEMI web series, from his EMS1 columns, his work at the American Heart Association or, of course, as Editor in Chief of the EMS 12-Lead site (see how I brought that back around?). Of course, all of this begs the question, “Why do I care?”…

How you can use this site: Tom, along with his Associate Editors do a great job of presenting and explaining all topics related to exactly what it says in the title, EMS 12 Leads. Not only does this site have everything you want to know and more about prehospital ECGs, including examples and real-life case-studies, EMS 12-Lead serves as a great inspiration and example of what you can do to improve emergency services with some hard work, a good bit of knowledge and a whole lot of passion for helping people.

What RescueDigest likes about them: We love the fact that the site is both comprehensive and progressive. That is, is gives you everything you might want to know about acquiring, interpreting and acting on prehospital 12 leads, but you can start with the basics (12-lead ECG – Lead placement diagrams), move through the details (Why learn axis?), practice the fundamentals (The missed STEMI), and the obscure (63 year old male: “Dental Pain”-Discussion), and even how prehospital 12 lead interpretation fits in with STEMI systems of care (Prehospital ECG Activation of the Cardiac Cath Lab) AND THAT’S JUST FOR STARTERS!

Where you can find him: Tom can be found, well, just about everywhere. For a truly comprehensive listing of all things 12-Lead and Tom Bouthillet check the site itself, but our website reveals the following locations to get you started…

Website: www.EMS12Lead.com
Facebook: Prehospital 12-Lead ECG blog
Twitter: @EMS12Lead | @tbouthillet
Podcast(s): EMS 12-Lead Podcast
Google+: EMS12-Lead
Mobile Devices (yes, there’s an App for that too!): Apple iOS | Android | Amazon | Web Based

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