A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast Episode 1: Education, Critical Thinking and Working Together


EMS Roundtable A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast: Kicking off the weekly Podcast!

In this inaugural episode, Chris Cebollero talks to Rom about the importance of education to the advancement of EMS, the role of critical thinking in emergency services and how public, private, fire-based and all forms of emergency medical services can work together!

A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast is RescueDigests’ weekly podcast featuring Rom Duckworth covering everything emergency services, from clinical topics, to leadership issues to why the rookie has to pay for lunch, all from a Fire Medic Perspective.



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A Fire Medic Perspective Podcast

About romduck

Rom Duckworth is a dedicated emergency responder and award-winning educator with more than twenty five years of experience working in career and volunteer fire departments, public and private emergency services and hospital based healthcare systems. Currently a career Fire Captain / Paramedic and EMS Coordinator Rom is a frequent speaker at national conferences and a regular contributor to research, magazines, and textbooks on topics of field operations, leadership, and education in emergency services. Contact Rom via www.romduck.com