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The Building Blocks of Brotherhood: Putting the pieces in place.

A culture of brotherhood doesn’t happen by itself. Like anything else worthwhile it is built with the right tools from the right building materials through hard work. The work, of course, has to be yours, but rescue digest is going to give you the tools and materials you’ll need to start building brotherhood in your service.

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Some say that brotherhood can be hard to define in words, but after 9/11, no one needed to.

How you can use these resources: RescueDigest curates great research and resources during the development of our articles and educational programs. Since our mission is to “Help You Help Others” we present the best of these resources for you to explore, share and use in your own agency.

While many words may be associated with the concept of brotherhood in emergency services, we like to think that they all come down to three core building blocks, Pride, Honor and Heritage. For those of you joining us on this month long series on exemplifying and expanding brotherhood, we offer you the following resources to help you in your efforts. RescueDigest wishes you applauds you for your efforts and thanks you for your service.


What Is Pride? – Backstep Firefighter

The Grapevine: Emergency Services Pride: ‘Do We Wear It Well?’

Police Pride | Law Enforcement Today

Police Pride Quotes

Pride Not Pay | Leadership content from Fire Chief

An Interview about Pride and Ownership : Rick Lasky




Fire Service Honor | The Company Officer

The Fire Service Code of Honor – Fire Engineering

What is the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor?

EMS Honor Guards – JEMS Connect – EMS Emergency Medical Services


History & Heritage 

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