Web Site Size Up: Statter911

Statter911.comSummary: A former firefighter and EMT Dave Statter provides the latest emergency service news and commentary. His expertise as a TV and radio reporter in the Washington DC area bring particular insight to the (often raw) video clips that are the hallmark of his site. In addition, his affiliation with fellow bloggers such as Iron Fireman and Fire Critic ( watch for them on future Web Site Size Ups) means gives context and a connection to the street that is easily lost if one was simply browsing emergency services YouTube videos.

How you can use this site: If you’re looking for live video examples of what to do ( or what NOT to do ) on emergency scenes, this is the site for you. With a particular focus on the fire service Statter911 also provides the latest info on what you could call social media cheers and jeers. When emergency services really shines ( or really fails ) you’ll hear it first on Statter911.

What RescueDigest likes about him: Dave’s commentary and site visitors’ comments. Even if we may hear a story elsewhere, Statter911 is where we go to see what it means. While, like any blog, comments sometimes fall into the “Yeah, those guy are idiots!” camp, most visitors, and the comments they leave, really contribute great interest and insight to the stories. This is definitely a site to put at the top of your must-read-regularly list.

Where you can find him:

Website: www.STATter911.com
Facebook: STATter911
Twitter: @STATter911

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