RescueDigest GOTW: Retirement Savings

By focusing on a particular goal each week and providing some resources to get you started, RescueDigest is here to help make your world a little but easier and to help you help others. Let’s try MONEY!

With pay rates being what they are for Emergency Responders, it can be difficult to earn enough to cover our bills (even with multiple jobs), let alone put away any savings. But when you’re saving for a rainy day, the storm clouds may gather sooner than you think. It’s never too early to start putting money aside, once you’ve taken a few smart steps.

We’re all different ages and we all have different financial burdens. Some of us have retirement savings (pensions, 401k, IRA, 457 plans) and some of us don’t (yet).

A full piggy is a happy piggy!

Rather than attempt to provide a general plan to work for every single emergency responder, these Goals of the Week (#GOTW) are meant to be the kind of reminders that make you say “Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to get to that!”

As with all of our #GOTW reminders, we’re going to be trying these right along with you!

For this week’s Goal of the Week, here are some resources to help you take a step (or two or four) towards putting money away for that day you stop working. Okay, how about that day you cut down to only two or three jobs?

We don’t normally put our own specific advice here, we leave that to the experts (below) but any time you talk about savings you have to also talk about paying down debt. That’s a Goal of the Week #GOTW that we talk about HERE.

General Tips

Saving When You’re Young

Saving If You’re Closer To Retirement

Saving If You Don’t Have Much Money

What success (or problems) have YOU had trying to save as an emergency responder? Let us know below:

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