RescueDigest Podcast Episode 1: Lecture Alternatives, Moulage and the Founders of RescueDigest

RescueDigest Podcast Episode 1

The RescueDigest Audio Podcast brings you news, interviews and tips you can use to make your life in emergency services a little easier and help you in your job protecting the members of your community.



In this episode, Teaching alternatives to Lecture, Using moulage to stimulate simulations and an interview with the founders of RescueDigest.

More information about research on alternatives to lecture as a teaching tool:

Does Lecture Based Learning Work?

Don’t Lecture Me.

Physicists Seek to Lose the Lecture as a Teaching Tool 

Facilitated Small Group Discussions.

Mind Mapping


Adding in-line links to great online explanations and resources.

EveryDay EMS Tips talks about how to use PowerPoint without letting it kill your class.

More Information on using moulage in emergency services education:

Printable Moulage Recipes

The RescueDigest Step by Step Tips&Tricks Video Podcast on Moulage. 5 Tips in 5 Minutes!


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