Top Ten Reasons We Love Swag

Swag: promotional merchandise usually associated with trade shows and conventions, aka: free stuff!

GOAL: To mitigate the fiscal burden placed on emergency service personnel attempting to “get learnified” at conferences.


Here, the top ten reasons we love swag:

#10: With the number of candy give-aways it’s like adult Halloween out there and you don’t even have to say trick-or-treat!

#9: Stickers make everything look cooler.

#8: Stress balls:  squeeze ‘em, throw ‘em, learn to juggle ‘em. What’s the matter, don’t have enough stress to need one?

#7: Stocking Stuffers.  Who doesn’t love a seatbelt cutter from Santa?

#6: You always get at least one bag as swag, which conveniently carries the rest of your swag, giving two meanings to the term “swag bag.”

#5: Swag – The answer to the age-old kids’ question: “What did ya get me when you went to the conference?”

#4: What two words hold up your kids’ artwork? Fridge magnets!

#3: They make for awesome prizes for correct answers in any class that you’re teaching (“That is correct!  Summer is not an excuse for urban surfing on an ambulance!  Have a t-shirt!”)

#2: Miniature SAM splints can be used for almost anything, including propping up an iPhone on your desk.

#1: The top swag giveaways are pens and now they can be your giveaways too. Now when some who hasn’t used Purell in a while borrows your pen you can be generous and say, “Hey, keep it. It’s a gift!”

APPLICATION: Go forth and seek new products, services and organizations on the exhibit floor of your conference. Start by grabbing a bag (see #6) and take what is freely given. We’ve given you 10 benefits of swag, but the real bonus is in the connections you’ll make with people who may be able to make your job a little better and easier.




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