RescueDigest knows that leadership today means more than managing paperwork. It means critical thinking, selflessness and a commitment to doing the right thing, no matter how hard that might be. To lead, one must learn.

Critical Communications

  Communications is a critical factor in every aspect of emergency services. GOAL: Improve radio communications during emergency scene operations.  No one could say that good communications is important for firefighting, but not law enforcement, EMS or disaster response. Likewise, as complex as emergency commutation networks get (analog / digital / repeaters / encrypted / trunked systems / tin-cans w/strings) there ...

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RescueDigest Podcast Episode 1: Lecture Alternatives, Moulage and the Founders of RescueDigest

RescueDigest Podcast Episode 1 The RescueDigest Audio Podcast brings you news, interviews and tips you can use to make your life in emergency services a little easier and help you in your job protecting the members of your community.   [powerpress] In this episode, Teaching alternatives to Lecture, Using moulage to stimulate simulations and an interview with the founders of ...

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Positive Change in the Workplace

Turn the Negative Into the Positive In Emergency Services – as in any work place – sometimes negativity creeps in until it becomes the all too familiar norm as the day-to-day begins to wear on everyone. Sometimes Negativity just shows up in its rumpled uniform, a little bit late for shift change, shoelaces untied, already complaining as it comes in ...

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Why (Good) Keynote Presentations Are Good for All of Us

  Keynote presentations are the movie trailers of EMS. They show the good, the bad, the ugly. They can show us the inspiring, the terrifying, and the catch you by the heart and throat moments. Day after day emergency personnel the world over go to work, and take it one call at a time. Gear is checked, trucks are maintained, ...

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Social Media Marketing for Emergency Services

Social Media   There are a million websites and a bazillion “Social Media Gurus”, “Mavens” and “Experts” with businesses to guide you through the world of social media. To distinguish themselves, they seem to rely on either whizz-bang theatrics (flashy, blinky text) or scare tactics (if you don’t employ SM marketing right now YOU’LL DIE!). In hopes of making money ...

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Fourth of July

  The Holidays Like of much of the Emergency Services community, I too, am working this fourth of July and I too will be sweltering in turn-out gear while others will roast hot dogs, drink beer and watch fireworks (and good for them, I hope to join them next year).

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