RescueDigest knows that leadership today means more than managing paperwork. It means critical thinking, selflessness and a commitment to doing the right thing, no matter how hard that might be. To lead, one must learn.

Leaders Go First…

See on Scoop.it – Emergency Services Leaders go first…Lessons Learned Along the Path of Leadership By Roy Sheneman, PhD   Recently, I had the opportunity to complete a 4-year odyssey into the depths of leadership development. Along the way, I found many key insights that I thought you might find interesting. The following insights were gleaned from a major research ...

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N.Y.C. Fire Dept. Rethinking Tactics in House Fires

Are our tactics up to date with our enemy? Are we doing the equivalent of fighting tanks with cavalry?   Still put the wet stuff on the red stuff? Sure, but not in the same way that we have for 30-40-50 years. Fire behavior has changed because of the stuff that burns, how MUCH of it burns and the construction ...

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What Message Does Your Service Send?

GOAL: To ensure that members of your organization understand that everything they do affects your organization’s Public Image. Public Image is Public Sentiment, Public Sentiment is Public Support, and Public Support affects your ability to operate, regardless of your organization’s status as a public or private entity. Everything You Do In Uniform or With Your Vehicle Says… (What’s Message?) You ...

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Fire Code for First Responders

Fire Code for 1st Responders   The fire of today is not your grandmother’s fire. Furnishings today contain so much foam and other plastics that the BTU release is much greater than a fire 30-50 years ago. In addition, what hazards do newer construction products and methods present for all first responders arriving at a burning or damaged building?

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RescueDigest Announces Collaboration with Police News TV

RescueDigest is proud to announce our collaboration with PoliceNewsTV   Rescue Digest is proud to announce it’s collaboration with Police News TV, the the national law enforcement video news show “by Cops, about Cops, for Cops”.  A daily HD video and audio news show, Police News TV reports news about law enforcement from around the country that you can watch or ...

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Conference Scholarships & Savings Opportunities for Emergency Services

Goal:  To find Conference Scholarships & Savings Opportunities for Emergency Services   Emergency Services Conferences are a great place to network, attend educational lectures and workshops, and see what new products are available on the market.  They’re a fun place to gather with people in your field, and serve as a mini vacation from the day-to-day.  The conference fees, travel and lodging ...

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