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Iron Firemen

Fire CriticSummary: Lt. Rhett Fleitz and Capt. Willie Wines Jr. run the Fire Critic and Wooden Ladders / Iron Fireman blogs respectively (and, as it turns out, respectfully as well). As you can probably already tell, these websites deal primarily with the fire service. Still, their themes of pride, honor, duty, dedication, and community are applicable to every branch of emergency services. Even if that were all that these sites offered it would be enough, but wait there’s more…

How you can use this site: The Fire Critic and Wooden Ladders / Iron Fireman sites are also affiliated with Statter911 so you can also get your fix of emergency services news, first in videos, and insightful commentary there is well. In addition to that they also have extremely active Facebook communities which can ensure lively discussion about any topic raised.


Proud to have met them at Fire Rescue International 2012.
Looking forward to seeing them again at FDIC 2013!

What RescueDigest likes about them: First of all Rhett and Willie’s dedication to service is both admirable and applicable. That is, these are guys who don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. They travel the country together visiting firehouses, meeting up with brother and sister responders, and supporting charities all while working their “day jobs” as front-line firefighters. Yet even with all that these guys never take themselves too seriously. Humor is a key part of both of their blogs and many of the projects that they work on. This is what makes them not just so much fun to read on a regular basis, it’s what makes me proud to have met these guys face-to-face at fire rescue international 2012, and it’s what makes me look forward to seeing them at future conferences.

Where you can find them:

Website: IronFiremen.com | FireCritic.com
Facebook: Fire Critic | Iron Firemen
Twitter: @FireCritic | @IronFiremen

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