EMS Web Summit: A National Conference Just For You

All of the Conference, None of the Travel!

The EMS Web Summit Education Conference  is the premier live online educational event for EMS professionals. This May 17th, 2012  join up to 3000 of your EMS peers as they take part in this one of a kind event, hear from expert EMS educators and personalities. Get unique insights, tips, tricks and more on a variety of EMS topics.

EMS Web Summit 2012

6 Reasons Why EMS Professionals Should Attend the 2012 EMS Web Summit

1. Education. EWS focuses on actionable education. Sessions provide best practices, case studies and “how to’s” that drive action.

2. Peer Networking. EWS attendees are paramedics, EMT’s, EMS Managers, educators and decision makers. Taking part in this event offers various social media opportunities to connect with and build new relationships.

3. Twelve Training Sessions. The 31 and done training sessions at EWS offer an unparalleled education opportunity that will give you 100% pure content and have you anxiously awaiting each speaker.

4. NEW! All day, all online EMS Web Expo. Discover each speakers favorite EMS resources, products and services. Along with pre-session sponsor highlights.

5. Personalized Advice. EWS brings top EMS speakers to provide their answers to your questions during their sessions.

6. Depth & Breadth. EWS covers ALL aspects for ALL levels from beginners to advanced EMS providers. Topics such as:   Patient Care | Special Considerations | Current Research | EMS Career Growth | Social Media and EMS | and more.


The EMS Web Summit is truly for every EMS professional who cares about embracing and extending the educational opportunities created by Web 2.0 technologies. These EMS sessions assembled by Jim Hoffman (EMSSEO.com), are all designed to hone practical and clinical skills and keep you ahead of the game.


EMS Web Summit 2012 features leading EMS educators and personalities.

It will bring together leaders in the EMS field for a collective day long webcast giving their insights, tips and tricks on a variety of EMS topics that they are passionate about.

Speakers will give thirty minute presentations on topics such as Geriatrics, Trauma, Cardiology, Social Media, Career Development, NREMT, Flight Paramedic, ECG and more.

Although this is the very first EMS Web Summit, it brings together leading EMS speakers like Bob Page, Greg Friese, Even Feuer, Dan Limmer, Troy Shaffer, Jamie Todd and Rommie Duckworth.

In addition popular EMS personalities such as Tim Noonan, Sean Kivlehan, Steve Whitehead, Peter Canning and Dave Konig will also bring their passion and expertise to the event.


Take a moment to register now or, if you can’t set the time aside on May 17th, wait for it, wait for it, that’s right, a DVD will be available for you to watch later or use for reference. Makes a great 4th of July gift!



About romduck

Rom Duckworth is a dedicated emergency responder and award-winning educator with more than twenty five years of experience working in career and volunteer fire departments, public and private emergency services and hospital based healthcare systems. Currently a career Fire Captain / Paramedic and EMS Coordinator Rom is a frequent speaker at national conferences and a regular contributor to research, magazines, and textbooks on topics of field operations, leadership, and education in emergency services. Contact Rom via www.romduck.com