Fourth of July


The Holidays

Like of much of the Emergency Services community, I too, am working this fourth of July and I too will be sweltering in turn-out gear while others will roast hot dogs, drink beer and watch fireworks (and good for them, I hope to join them next year).

Thanks America!

And like almost every American citizen, I will take a moment on this important day to reflect and be thankful for what this country is and for those who have before, currently do, and will soon protect this country and make it safe.

So what difference does the fourth of July make? It reminds me of the opportunities that are available in a country based on freedom. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t difficulties out there (there are plenty) and that it doesn’t take hard work over long periods of time (boy, does it) but it does mean that here and now the opportunities are still out there and by keeping your eyes sharp and your hands hard at work, you can grab them and make them something special.

So even without turkey on the table, it is a good time to be thankful for what we have in hand and for the opportunities that this country allows. Thank you U.S.A. and everybody in it. I’m glad that you’re not France, because I speak the language and I’ve been there and yes, everyone is rude.




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